April 25, 2017

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Originally a limited release item for fans during my last tour, this album proved so popular we decided to make it available to everyone.

Featuring: You Raise Me Up • Shelter Me • Flow Gently Sweet Afton • The Mansions of the Lord • Mary of Argyle • The Loch Tay Boat Song • Song for a Winter’s Night • Along the Merry Road to Hell • By Yon Bonnie Banks (Loch Lomond) • Danny Boy • From the Forest • Journeys • That Old Feeling • Ye Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon • The Gift of Years • The Old Man • Voyage • The Dutchman • The Green Fields of France

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March 1, 2017

Molly Fund Benefit

February 8, 2017

Chinatown, Anarchy…and me

I drove in to LA from Mesa, AZ before the start of the Snowbird winter meetings and had a great visit with my friends Academy award-winning screenwriter Robert Towne and Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam. I thought my schedule was busy – these guys have me beat…hands down. It was fun to spend time with them.

January 27, 2017


We lost this beautiful little man one year ago today. So many wonderful memories, we miss him so much but he still fills our days with his presence.

Much love little man, thank you for making our lives that much better.

— John, Agnieszka, Sunny ( you taught me well we’ll pop! ) and Finnegan, the new kid on the block.

January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

Well another year has come and gone and what a year it was. I want to say thank you for all of the great support you continue to give me – we simply could not do it without you. For 23 years you have been faithful and supportive and because of that you have allowed me to continue to perform each and every year. So many great shows and trips to new and old stomping grounds – from St Andrews in Scotland to Tignish Prince Edward Island – we have met new and old friends along the way. Once again we have a busy schedule planned for 2017 and we would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy new year. We hope its your best one ever.

– John, Jason, Maury, Mark and Mick

New Shows

The tour schedule for 2017 is almost complete and is posted on the site now, with more dates to be added over the next few months.

The Book

The book is in the final editing process and will be available in the late spring. We will let everyone know ahead of time and make sure you will have the opportunity to get to order an autographed, personalized copy. It has been a long time in the works and gathering the stories from those far and near who have impacted my career and my life has been amazing. From the early days beginning in 1993 I have been blessed with so many friends and experienced the world a number of times over. I have asked as many of those people as possible to share their stories on how the music impacted their lives and each has had a wonderful tale to tell. I know that you will share the emotional highs and lows of my career and the path that has unfolded as my musical life’s journey.

A New Recording

My recent release “Raised on Songs and Stories“ was a tribute to my Scottish roots and I believe is one of the best recordings we have done to date. The follow up this Spring will be a tribute to my Irish roots, and once again a collaboration with my great friend Eric Robertson. I am going to take us back over the centuries and share with you the stories from those old traditional Irish masterpieces that have been a part of me my entire life. I have been collecting stories from across Ireland of that older generation who have shared with me how the songs we are recording have been a part of their lives and their families over several generations. Each track will be connected by a story told by one of those individuals on what that song means to them.

A New Double DVD Release

I am releasing 2 DVDs that contain primarily unseen footage of events between 1992 and 2001. The first DVD is a remastered PBS show that has never been aired. It was shot in 2001 on the Atlantic coast and covers a broad span of my musical works and influences. The second is a documentary shot in 1996 titled “ John McDermott – The Voyage “. We will post a more detailed breakdown of each DVD upon release.

McDermott House Canada

We are closing in on our goal of 3.6 million for the renovation and expansion of the Palliative Care Unit in K Wing – the Veterans Wing at Sunnybrook Health Sciences in Toronto. To date we have raised 2.5 million and we are confident our efforts in the coming year will put us over the top. The first phase of construction is complete and phase 2 will begin in 2017. Please visit the website to view the renovations to date and preview future plans for phases 2 and 3.


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President’s Choice Financial® and PC® Insurance are proud to support John McDermott’s Canadian Tour.

For the past 16 years, PC Financial® and PC® Insurance have been committed to supporting the communities we serve and continues to welcome opportunities to collaborate with organizations and initiatives that enrich the lives of Canadians.

please support

McDermott House Canada is a registered charity dedicated to serving those that serve.

Our first project is in support of Veterans, First Responders and Community Patients as they enter the final stages of a terminal illness. In October of 2014, Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation in Toronto received $1.2 Million dollars from MHC to be used to rebuild and renovate the Palliative care unit at K-Wing.

If you would like to make a donation in support of McDermott House Canada, or to make an inquiry about hosting an event in support of our cause, please visit or contact Stephanie Wilsack, Executive Director of MHC at 416 236 9000 ext. 1

on tour

  • April 27th 2017
    Ottawa, ON

    Raised on Songs and Stories Tour

    John McDermott Trio

    Centrepointe Theatre

    7:30 P.M.

    Box Office: 613 580-2700

  • April 28th 2017
    Pembroke, ON

    Raised on Songs and Stories Tour

    John McDermott Trio

    Festival Hall Centre for the Arts

    7:30 P.M.

    Box Office: 613 735-2182

  • April 29th 2017
    Sudbury, ON

    Raised on Songs and Stories Tour

    John McDermott Trio

    Fraser Auditorium - Laurentian U

    Sudbury Theatre Centre
    7:30 P.M.

    Box Office: 705 674-8381

  • April 30th 2017
    Lindsay, ON

    Raised on Songs and Stories Tour

    John McDermott Trio

    Academy Theatre

    7:30 P.M.

    Box Office: 705 324-9111
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